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Discover a new experience

Alhambra Lifestyle is rooted in tradition. The enticing, and yet refined culture of Orient and the Middle East (starting with Morocco) serves as the cornerstone of Alhambra’s identity and brand

Alhambra Gourmet

Cultured cuisine, refined flavors

Our cuisine draws on both Arabic and Moorish influences, and we bring contemporary twists to traditional North African and Middle Eastern dishes. From private parties to event receptions, we cater a variety of events, and tailor the menu to the client and occasion at hand. Our catering philosophy is simple: exquisite cuisine made specifically for you provided with unparalleled customer service.


Alhambra Fashion

Globally tailored design

Modern day Arabesque art is expressed as much in clothing as in any other form of design. Drawing from the same elegant silhouettes and geometric patterns often seen in Arabic craftsmanship, Alhambra Fashion uses colors, patterns, and textures to create authentic, yet reinvented Arabesque fashion for the modern trendsetter.


Alhambra Beauty

Natural beauty secrets from elsewhere

Alhambra encourages you to dream and explore new horizons where body and spirit return to the very essence of relaxation and well-being. Discover traditional Hammam rituals through our authentic and natural beauty products, that are full of virtues for the body, mind, spirit, and our environment. You will soon find yourself not just looking better, but also feeling better – so close your eyes and feel the warmth of your own personal wellness ritual…


Alhambra Home

Design in bold, live in leisure

The bold, sophisticated architecture of Alhambra palace is a staple for traditional Arabic home and building design. Geometric elements, rich colors, playful textures, and assorted works of art are all part of what creates the Alhambra Home experience. Just as Moorish poets described the Alhambra palace as “a pearl set in emeralds,” our home decor works to recreate that feeling of luxury and comfort within the walls of your own home.